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Photolase II                  

    Photolase 810nm                          

        Photolase Quadro (coming soon !) 


Photolase II (7W)

Our new Photolase II laser with 810nm 7 watts with easy to use operating system for thermal surgery as well as for non-thermal antimicrobial photodynamic therapy.

from 3200.-


Photolase 810 (15 W)

  • Sensitizer
  • Lasersystem 810nm 15 W
  • Flattop Handpiece ( possible Beam 0-105 cm, without changing the power density)




Photolase  Quadro 

Our 4 in 1 diode laser with 4 Wavelengths in one device!!!

Optimised Android operating system with blue laser (450mm) for optimal cutting as well as 635,980, and 810nm for low level and aPDT therapy  

  1. 635nm with 200 mW
  2. 450nm with 3W
  3. 980nm with 10W
  4. 810nm with 7W